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HAPPENINGText: Patricia Gauna

A group of designers made allusion at a very specific register: “the smocking”. In very different styles probably they had similar intentions:

Guillem Pericay from Barcelona dressed his creation all in pink with a black bun.

Gori De Palma from Mallorca left us his very personal stamp with a totally black and brilliant shoes with a red picture of a very sexy girl, actualizing the parody made in Pasarela Gaudi (February 2005), about kistch environments like the casino’s world and its wonderful characters.

Marmagenta from Granada preferred to dress its VANS with a lot of furious red paillettes, in a very glamm and sophisticate but humorous style.

Ra from Paris draw red and black mini men with a futurist air, while The Ronin recreated its very rich manga universe.

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