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A performance unit called “Sal Vanilla“, whose theme is to show a contemporary communication reality by performing a spatial presentation combining a sound, visual, body, and technology together, presented an art collaboration event “Vanilla Sports Vol. 1” at Super Deluxe in Roppongi, which is a multi-purpose space with cafe, bar, and gallery. The event got its idea from the Colosseo, Roman ancient structure. Other than members of “Sal Vanilla”, various artists from diverse fields performed with a sound, visual, and body.

A white balance beam set in a relatively larger space appeals its existence as today’s stage set. It started with a beeping sound like a signal sound wave and the sound went away over the uncrowned hall. Thought it was quiet beginning, it enough appealed its start and moved on to a stoic sound performance by Takaaki Matsumoto.

The next was a live performance by Cotra Nitra. The performance had an uplifting feeling with three people using pipes, but sort of neurotic. This performance woke up every brain of all people there which fell into a slumber by the performance of Takaaki Matsumoto.

After these two performances, an audio visual live by Sal Vanilla appeared on the wall of the subterranean space in Roppongi shrouded in a bizarre atmosphere by the first two performances. Sal vanilla performed based on their theme, “city” in the audio visual live, wearing futuristic white suits. Its sound was by Yuta Kumachi who plans to release his album on a near day from a new label WC-Recordings which has conceptual and good quality techno music with Kloma’s graphics. A taste of a kind of up-front click house with a movement of good sense hihat and well cut up visuals were changing the downward hall into nice groove little by little.

Following Sal Vanilla, a turntablist Daito Manabe presented a startling performance. Having a turntable as its interface, sounds and visuals programmed with Max/Msp/Jitter covered all over the hall randomly. He finally ended the performance with vibrations and high-frequency sounds like a storm. The vibrations were enough strong to remain inside of a body awhile.

The white balance beam, being set from the beginning of the entire event and appealing its existence even during the two audio visual performances, was finally in a live show of “interval” by Sal Vanilla. As the show was proceeding, five performers, the balance beam, visuals reflected all over the wall, and sounds from speakers imperceptibly came together and were changing the space itself gradually. Although there was some common thing between Inter/Action held in the last year, Super Deluxe, the stage which took advantage of a characteristic of space, and its separation from the audience provided other form to get an experience of communicating between the presentation of visuals, performers, and sounds. This made characteristics of Vanilla Sports outstanding.

The whole event had a dense content. It seemed like there was almost no borders among an impression from a weird oneness which seems to lack an oneness, contemporary art, club culture, technology, performing art, and etc. This condensed event was very symbol of a city, Tokyo. It had energy that gets forward one possibility of media art which has currently been going forward.On June 30th, the next event as Vanilla Sports Vol. 02 will be held. We cannot take eyes off from it.

Vanilla Sports Vol.01
Date : May 13th, 2005 19:00-24:00
Place : Super Deluxe
Participating artists and performance groups: Cotra Nitra, Sal Vanilla, Takaaki Matsumoto, Daito Manabe
Entrance fee: 2,500 yen with one free drink (Both for advance tickets and day tickets)
Information: Vanilla Fish (03-3710-5344)

Text: Yasuharu Motomiya
Photos: Photoperformer Pas
Translation: Fumika Sugimoto

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