The HFBK is the “Highschool Of Building Arts”. It is the place to study fine arts, idustrial design, visual communication, sculpture, architecture etc. Each year the students show their work in a large exhibition all over the building. Here are some interesting works:

At the opening of the exhibition some of the architects held a stability-contest. Differently constructed towers that were made out of paper board were loaded with heavy sacks until they broke or fell over. (See picture above!). The responsible students wore yellow construction worker helmets and cleared the area in the hall to make sure no one will be hurt. I saw one tower that held about 350 kilos. Maybe you can imagine the noise and action when it fell!

One of the students concentrated on folding technics. He tried a lot of different patterns. On the picture you can see an object with a leash that transformed the plane circle into a wheel if pulled.

For this installation a quater of two records (and of their covers) was cut out and exchanged! You could hear how it sounds with headphones, one record on the left, the other on the right channel.

This robitic hand was built out of wood. On the right you see the remote control you could bend each part of the fingers with.

Alek explained how this plate of metal that builds an armchair if folded the right way was produced: a computer-controlled laser beam cuts the edges and also lots of small circles that form the folding lines!

This production process is also remarkable. The computer-modeled object became reality by some sort of printer. It’s head can freely rotate and move into space and spits small drops of plastic into the right place starting from the bottom.

I think this bowl was made out of chinaware. Small cubes of sponge were soaked with liquid chinaware. In the stove the original sponge burnt and disappeared and all that was left is the chinaware looking like sponge..

This lamp is built out of plastic cups and makes a nice light.

Address: Hochschule fuer Bildende Kuenste, Lerchenfeld 2, 22081 Hamburg, Germany
Tel: +49-40 428 9 89-205

Text and Photos: Andrew Sinn from Deco-Vision

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