HAPPENINGText: Yasuharu Motomiya

In recent years many media art festivals appear all over the world. Here in Japan is not exception. Among those festivals best known is Japan Media Arts Festival run by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

11th Japan Media Arts Festival

This year is 11th festival. 160 outstanding woks out of 2,091 submissions were on display at The National Art Canter, Tokyo that had just opened last year. During 2 weeks period of the exhibition from 6 February to 17 February 44,500 people made a visit to the show.

Works were exhibited by each category following same manner as previous years such as, Art, Entertainment, Animation, and Comics. Besides works from Media Arts Festival large exhibition space were choked up with works from joint-exhibition Student CG Competition.

Here are some works from the exhibition.

11th Japan Media Arts Festival
“Slot Machine Drawing” Eisuke Kusachi, Junji Watanabe

“Slot Machine Drawing” by Jynji Watanabe from Art category was exhibited nearby exhibition entrance and was gaining particular attention. The Artist himself claims the work as further development of his previous work like “Roll Canvas”. Hand drawing using a tablet mouse generates animation on the screen. Directness of tablet mouse interface puts a player into simple activity of hand drawing.

11th Japan Media Arts Festival

ISSEY MIYAKE A-POC INSIDE” by Masahiko Sato and Euphrates received Semi Grand Prize from Art category. The work was made for Issey Miyake’s website and is still available on the website. Animated dots and lines draw various movement of model cat walk, which appears as if actual body of a model is moving from such simple elements like dots and lines.

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