HAPPENINGText: Aya Takada

Robert Popescul

The space created by Robert is just as comfortable and fun as he wants it. He recreates a place where he can spend free time with his friends, snacks and drinks in one hand, in public. There were actually people reading books on his couch or waiting for their friends in his space. Robert successfully transformed the gallery into his ideal comfortable place.

David Lehman

A mixed media installation by David seems to open his personal sketchbook to the public. It includes paintings, drawings, and sculptures, and all are harmonious. David quotes Dadaist ideas, plays with pop culture, and creates his own way of storytelling. It is full of humor.

Julia Feyrer

Julia expressed her space with sparkling glue drawing. There were eyes goggled on the sparkling lines. It was curious to wonder what those gazing eyes were looking at. The odd look aroused my interest.

Lisa Cinar

The performance by Lisa dressing as a drug dealer was very cute and humorous, and of course, she wasn’t selling any drugs. They were her artworks and necessities of life; pens, inside the jacket. Lisa, who was secretly performing at the corner of the gallery, creates a different space as she presents her living space against the actual situation in the slums.

Living space, city space, and space shared with other people, all are the place where you live. If you are a student, school is also an important space for your activity. An open gallery, like the Concourse Gallery, can be useless if you don’t use it as an opportunity for a self-expression. As Niall and his friends expressed themselves respectively, by applying daily space fully, we see ourselves well enough perhaps to be able to reach the ideal tomorrow.

In a new year, let’s make hopes come true in the space around us!

I Kill You With My Kindness
Date: January 9th – 13th, 2003
Place: Emily Carr Institute of Art& Design
Address : 1399 Johnston Street, Vancouver V6H 3R9
Tel: +1 604 844 3091

Text: Aya Takada
Photos: Aya Takada

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