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Julia Masvernat could easily be portrayed in a time travelling movie. She’s got an antique beauty, as if she got out of a classic 50s film or so. But she could be someone from Zarist Russia. She seems ageless, a woman and a girl living in the same body. She seems to be someone from far away who knows something that we don’t. And maybe she is that person, so I want to know what she knows.

Julia Masvernat

“What I like to do is take one thing and turn it into another, with few resources, like a transformation action. The idea is to put all of this in context: the city, the country, what is going on around us”, Julia tells me.

Julia Masvernat

Julia is a visual artist and she likes to teach and spread her art socially. She’s now working for a Non Governmental Organization teaching kids from a poor neighbourhood, for example. That’s one of the things that make her happy.

She’s an artist and graphic designer, so she merges both disciplines into net art.
She also works with ancient art processes to create animated Chinese shadows, and then she translates it into modern interactive art.

Julia Masvernat

Tell me about your background.

Ten years ago I started working for one of the most important Argentine newspapers, and I discovered Internet, it was something wow, something from the future. I worked on design and other products. Nobody knew what the Internet was!

I always tried to integrate art and design, which has always been my goal. My access to the web allowed me to meet many people around the world working with net art. What I liked about them was they used technology but found the way to break the rules and go beyond things. Sometimes the artists get very lonely so the web is a great way to transcend each one’s little bubble.

Julia Masvernat

She likes to define her art as pollination, because she comes and goes carrying things from one place to another. “What changes is the format, but my work is pretty much the same, from handcrafts to interactive stuff. I also like to play with different materials and discover their uses”.

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