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HAPPENINGText: Luca Ionescu

An official event of the Cornucopia Festival produced by the Cornucopia Festival, presented by Scarface Productions. A fantastic exhibition to kickstart The Australian Fashion week in Sydney.

We’ve ogled their nudes. We’ve checked out their glam girls and grungy boys. Now we’re witnessing an exhibition of works like none we’ve seen before, as fashion photographers shoot their furry friends.

As I entered the gallery at Pioneer studios I couldn’t help but notice familiar faces and pleased to say that the local design and art community turned out in full swing to support this great event. Guests were offered free beers which worked a treat, and we had some amazing and witty photographs to daze at on the walls.

I highly recommend you go check this out be fore it closes a small number of renowned and upcoming photographers showing a glimpse into their personal space. Congratulations to Caterina Scardino and the team behind the Cornucopia festival for putting on such a great series of events, which will hopefully grow in years to come.

Artists: Harold David, Eddie Ming, Justin Cooper, David Mandelburg, Anna Bertalli, Jeremy Park, Michael Corridore, Thuy Vy, Sophie Howarth, Terrence Kaczmarczyk, Nick Scott, Mat Hornby, Jay Harrison, Steven Chee, Derek Henderson, Melina Kok, Dean Tirkot, Garrad Needham, Josef Geranio, Romello Pereira, Terence Chin, Skeet Booth, Jason Hamilton, Robert Saponja, Tania Kelley, Kane Skenner, Katy Young, Marty Whitsitt, Ellen Dahl, Richard Powers, Matt Reed, Lyn Balzer and Anthony Perkins.

Pet Portraits Exhibition
Date: May 2nd – 16th, 2002
Open: 9:00 – 18:00 (Closed on Saturday and Sunday)
Place: Pioneer studios
Address: 1 Grafton street, Chippendale, Sydney
Admission free

Text: Luca Ionescu
Photos: Luca Ionescu

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