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Wow, this is great.” These words unconsciously came out of my mouth. Why? This is because many soccer balls were spinning on the ceiling and I did not understand what was going on in this exhibition at first. “Paintura Pitch Project.” This was on from the end of last year to the begining of 2003 at Parco Museum in Tokyo, and 12 enthusiastic football artists had paintings on the balls and the walls.

The artists were provided a wall to paint. Their original-painted-balls could be found above my head. Magnetic force and the gravity of the balls created a dream-like-display. Since the works were turning around, I could see all the designs from standing at just one point.

From Kate Gibb, who made a sleeve design for Chemical Brothers, Kostas Seremetis from NY, Will Barras who provides design works for the street brand “Satan Albeit” to Mr. Jago, you might have known at least one of them. The ball paintings of Steff Plaetz and VAR caught my eyes the most. Of course, I can’t use them when I play football but I wish I could.

Participating artists: Ben Drury, David Foldvari, Espo, Genta Kosumi, Kostas Seremetis, Kate Gibb, Mr. Jago, Reas, Reggie Pedro, Steff Plaetz, Var, Will Barras.

Paintura Pitch Project

12 Scrawled Soccer-Balls Exhibition in Cooperation with PUMA
Date: (Sat.) 12 December 2002 – (Mon.) 6 January 2003
Place: Parco Museum
Address: 7F Shibuya Parco Part3, 15-1 Udakawa-cho Shibuya-ku Tokyo
Contact: +81-3-3464-5111 (Shibuya Parco)
Sponsored by Parco
Cooperated by Puma
Organised by Stoique

Text and Photos: Satoshi Ota from Ponchi Design
Translation: Sachiko Kurashina

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