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PEOPLEText: Satoshi Ota

Enlightenment is Hiro Sugiyama’s design group. They have recently created a TBC commercial, which is a CG animation of Takuya Kimura speaking about a “2-Delight” exhibition at Parco gallery in Shibuya, a select shop in Paris, and colette’s “Track” exhibition. Their activities are worldwide. In this article, I’ll be introducing some of the solo works by their chief director, Tomoyuki Yonezu (b.1974).

His style is very fashionable using elements of illustration, graphics, and photography. He handled the visual art for VA SARA, a shop in Daikanyama, and designed a direct mail campaign, which almost looked like a styling picture, for COCOON (a brand new lady’s brand from this fall). It is impressive how he erased a part of the pictures and replaced them with a few lines of illustration.

His delicate touches and ideas are just amazing. Last year, he released 2 original art books named “Desire” and “PLAYER” with new challenges. His stance, “To form a thing I feel at a time”, may be a very fashionable graphic design which doesn’t stick with a same style, but adds trends at a time sensitively like a fashion. His appeal is his experimental and the originality style of his works. I wonder what’s coming next.

First collection “Desire” limited publication (01/SS)

“Desire” is composed with two colors, charcoal and fluorescent pink. Each page has a nickname on a picture with a gold stamp. The title “BLACK BOOK” is made under the concept of: “a day planner for a girl who is up for a date at anytime”. Is it only me who wants one of these?

Second collection “PLAYER” limited publication (01/FW)

Sports is the theme of “PLAYER”, his second workbook. He made a poster size image of sports company logos (such as Nike, Reebok, puma, etc) made out of collages of sexy girl’s pictures.

Text: Satoshi Ota
Translation: Kimoyo Nishihara

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