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Gabriel Suchowolski has created his own Microcosmos. His obsession for the organic is the funkiest illustration of his works. But he is not closed to the graphical stuff, he is the author of the famous chromeless window. His sense of the interactive perception and his attention on details are what put him there.

Projects on-line:

onez.com and microbians.com

Projects off-line:

Most of the works in I has involved working in Arroba Systems and-by-hand with Fernando Hierro (Creative Director in Arroba) and a big team are now off or has changed it. May be some of them still showing on the Arroba Systems’s site… like projects for Aucland, Citroen, Ya.com (Promotional CDs), My Alert videos and Repsol Games…

How could you define your works:

I don’t know, I see my past work and I don’t like it. But I try to develop works which show something concrete and to go away from the baroque. At the technological level it is alike, I try to minimize. I am more on the side of DHTML as enjoyment, but Flash is more immediate when it comes to make something striking.

How do you see the national situation of indie design?

I think it has changed entirely, and it can be seen very interesting things already.

And how about the international panorama?

More or less alike, the formerly tacky stuff went past… well some remain xD

Spanish designers you admire:

Fernando Hierro, Celia Martinez, Gustavo Ponce, David Duprez, Marine… among others.

Future projects:

radicalattack.com, protozoo.com and neuralgic.com will be some surprises, although taking into account the time I have, I’m rushed off my feet… anyway, above all, I will focus on radicalATTACK which will be a site where I will play with the truth-disinformation-cyberguerilla xD

To have more holidays, to move away of so much computer, more parties, more casual pick-ups… I don’t know for the moment I cannot think of something else.

Gabriel Suchowolski
Address: 43 c/Pico de Artilleros, 28030 Madrid,

Text: Aticco

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