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PEOPLEText: Mayumi Kaneko

We would like to ask you about the web and multimedia scene in Italy. What’s hot now in Italy?

I don’t think the bigger problem in Italy is the delay that we have in approaching the web. I think that the bigger problem is the complete absence of a web culture here. From the point of view of the communication agencies the web is only a way to do money, without keeping in mind the design and the look of a web site. From the other point of view the ones that should offer news (the designers) don’t know web design very well. Last, but not least, clients don’t know how to use the Internet, so even bad things could be good for most of the people. Depressing, isn’t it?
There are some designers that are changing all this and they are turning the Italian scene to a new dimension: all of this thanks to Mirco Pasqualini, Nicola Stumpo, Andrea Toniolo and many others that are just now growing.

How is the Internet environment in general?

The speed is a bad point of the Internet in Italy.In the last year there was a boom of the web and many people have known the web services: but for most of them all of this is only a trend like the mobile phone.

What do you think about being based in Italy?

At the moment I’m discovering great designers that aren’t famous yet and that they could give me a lot. If the Internet culture still remain as it is for the next years, I hope to get a chance to go out and work abroad for a great company.

What do you think about Japan?

Unfortunately I know little of Japan: all my knowledges are a Roland Barthes book; my love for cartoons in my infancy; and a great book that I’ve discovered in the last times about old Japanese paintings, the same that inspired Matisse and other artists at the beginning of the 1900s.

What are you interested in now?

Learning more. I’m experimenting with audio and images (Metheny) and I’m always interested on this research: finding equilibrium between different things, like the smooth and the rough versions on the PhoenixArt web site. I’m attracted to the opposites.

Do you have any plans for the near future?

I’d like to work for a great design agency and/or with great designers on creating not only beautiful web sites, but extreme things and experiments as well.

Besides that I’d like to discover all that could be inspiration for me, other design/multimedia fields that could expand my mind. I think that the design is a stimulating human field but to keep it stimulating it’s needed our pledge.

Piero Desopo
Address: Via Nazionale, 219, 40065 Livergnano, Pianoro, Italy
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Text: Mayumi Kaneko

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