‘Les Linges’, Christian Boltanski

‘Les Linges’ by Christian Boltanski hung the old white clothing over the field. With the refreshing wind of summer, this work makes you feel a fresh relationship between a farm village and people.

‘House of Birds’, Jauma Plensa

‘House of Birds’ by Jauma Plensa. “Nature is always stronger than us humans. We must respect Nature will be always stronger than us and we should respect it as the most precious one that we can enjoy. Birds are probably the only bridge between everywhere in Nature but the more fragile part of Nature as well. I intended to build a house for birds as a sculpture. It is a memory of our respect and gratitude to the mountains and rivers, the trees, the clouds, the stars, etc.” As the artist says, it’s a huge installation for birds to rest from flying and prepare befor taking wing.

‘Where Has the River Gone?’, Yukihisa Isobe

Next to the huge installation, you will see Yukihisa Isobe’s work ‘Where Has the River Gone?’. It reproduces the original flow of the Shinano River by setting about 600 pieces of wooden poles. It has a strong appeal of nature changed by human.

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