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The last is a beautiful town, Kawanishi. It shows you various faces of nature on old-established path and the fields, and it gently covers the visitors.

‘House of Light’, James Turrell

In Kawanishi Town, you can see the highlight of this festival ‘House of Light’ by James Turrell. It’s a guesthouse that allows you to feel the change of natural lights, built with the traditional Mr. Hoshina’s residence (important cultural assets) style. Inside the house, you can experience the fantastic world of illuminating fiber fixed in the alcove or bath, and light blue, ultramarine and jet-black lights that you’ve never experienced before. But this guesthouse is fully booked up and if you would like to stay there, you should book a room in advance.

‘Homage to Rachel Carson: Four Little Stories’, Yoshiko Fujiwara

‘Homage to Rachel Carson: Four Little Stories’ by Yoshiko Fujiwara continues sending out serious messages. The earth we live in is not eternal, civilization easily breaks down and animals are on the way to extinction. It also sends out a warning to the fact that we earthmen have learned nothing since its birth.

‘environments may exists for colors’, Kiyokatsu Matsumiya

Kiyokatsu Matsumiya, who is fascinated by colors, claims ‘environments may exists for colors’ and built the project ‘The Earth’s Breath’. This project produces red ceramics using open flame. It covers a 300-meter area on the roadside between the highway and rice fields. Because of artist’s abscence or mismanagement, the roads were overgrown with weeds and unfortunately, the red colours could not be seen.

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