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If you ever go down to Ecuador, close to Quito (it’s capital city) you’ll find a monument telling you that you are visiting the Center of the World. It’s located where a commission of French engineers decided that it was supposed to be. Using the most advanced technology available (in the 18th century) they went all over the country searching for the precise location of the division of the earth’s two hemispheres.

Visiting the place you’ll find the monument and close to it a fake old town and half a dozen small “museums” devoted to countries and subjects related to the engineers that made the discovery, the people that used to live there, or the sciences related to the earth and it’s study. But there is one small place that makes this whole Center of the World idea a complete joke.

Some years ago, an Ecuatorian researcher went after the real middle of the world using GPS machines… and he discovered that the monument is close, but misses the real point where the north becomes south. He started looking around and discovered that it’s real situation is on another monument, a circle of stones on the top of mount Catequilla, built centuries before the french one, and actually located in the REAL center of the world. Who made this? An aboriginal culture even before Columbus arrived in America!

The amazing part is that this researcher started to work with some young professionals that believed in the discovery and they developed a very elaborate study on the way the aborigines used the mountains and the sun to discover the real zero point, and how they (the aborigines) even built sacred temples on locations aligned to the different phases of the sun. They have proof, also, on how Quito’s catholic churches where built over this sacred temples devoted to the sun, to replace the aboriginal gods with Jesus.

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