PEOPLEText: Nicolas Roope

It seems to me that you have extracted the unique nature of the internet, i.e. it being an open network full of extreme material that wouldn’t otherwise be available to the see other than on scary cult pamphlets.

D: Yes, the fact that they are up there is unique. But now they’re all up there and you can view them from the safety of your own home.

P: Yeh but how safe is that?

D: That’s another subject. The technology part of it, it’s just a matter of time. When it started, bandwidth was limited but that’s changing. The bandwidth will get wider and the limits of what can be done, the quality will be as good as anything else.

P: There was letter in Creative Review which was a response to our book. They sent us some links for things he felt were exciting. You might as well watch telly.

What were the sites.

P: Some kind of gothic thing, rayoflight.com or whatever. It would stink on paper, it certainly didn’t work as a site. Page 112 was good (sensorium.org)

What’s the story.

P: Breaking earth. They monitor movements on the earth’s crust and transform this information into animations. It’s good for obsessive is the internet. This one is good, it won an award and we were taking the piss out of it.

D: He’s now an expert. He had m.e. and lost his job. Whilst he was recuperating he got a camera and started to document the birds that came to his garden whilst he was laying there in bed.

P: The interesting stuff in Wow Wow is the responses of the writers.

D: Normally when people discuss these sites you get a link and a short description. In the book there’s 500 words or so and so it gets into depth.

P: ehusbands.com is good (p13). It was found by a friend of mine.

D: Was she looking at the time?

S: It might be worth talking about the contributors in here, they’re all quite interesting. We intentionally wanted a broad mix of writers to compliment the broad mix of content. So there’s journalists and design journalists, artists, directors, design gurus. That’s something we’re looking for more of, writers who do not write for a living and who thus have an interesting slant on things.

P: You can get it in Japan (the book that is.)

S: There’s 2 coming out next year. Wow Wow 2 and Wow Wow 3. It’s going to be an ongoing thing.

Anything else going on?

P: 3000

D: Oh yeh we’ve got another book coming out called FUEL 3000 coming out in September.

What’s it about?

D: Did you see pure fuel? It’s another version of that, it’s a bit more grown up.

More grown up?

P: Two more book with Jurgen Teller and one with Polly Borland called Babies.

Damon shows me the last Jurgen Teller project. It’s full of wannabe models that went to see Jurgen through out the year. They’re called go-sees (the name of the book) because they go and see people to see if they can get a break in modelling.

Thank You, FUEL


Text: Nicolas Roope
Photos: Nicolas Roope

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