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PEOPLEText: Calvin Ho

Do you find Hong Kong to be a discouraging place for creative people?

Yesssss ss s. You can’t source any great experimental stuff, that’s why you have to look within yourself, it should be about originality, which, sadly, Hong Kong does’t believe in. But you still get inspired walking on the streets, like old men dressed in these fake leather pointy business shoes with short see-through stockings.

Like Yau Ching’s film "Unchanged", we do not have a budget, but it’s set in the future. The solution is to mix things and times, and strange consequences have resulted. The idea that the future will have a different perspective on things is really a happiness. For example, imagine plastic bags will not be produced legally anymore and thus evolved into a luxury handbag item while LV bags are the cheap and unwanted consumer goods.

Have you thought of being in front of the camera and taking on acting?

I’ll probably be shy unless I could be myself, or the psycho woman (I couldn’t tell the difference). I studied psychology because I wanted to test humans. (laughs) However, I am doing a different type of testing towards human now – that is in the visual sense I mean.


Somehow I ended up here, don’t really plan what I do, just go with the flow. Maybe I’ll go to another forest later…

The future films will be all digitalized. It’s going to be very hard to make film in may be ten years or less, especially for film production. I really want to make a film before time runs out for this type of technology to phase out with negatives. With DV you lose a lot of the texture, life, soul… PASSION (laughs)…

If you had all the money in the world, what would you do?

I want to buy a whole lot of musical instruments and equipment, and spend all my time making music. I love percussion, and the double bass. Music is more instant, whilst film has more layers and location.

Anything you wish to say to our audience?

….boobm tck che che tck boobooomm… tck

Text: Calvin Ho

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