PEOPLEText: Kyota Hamaya

I think your solo project is more showy than DEMI SEMI QUAVER. It’s easy to understand.

I am also easy to understand as human nature and I don’t have something behind my mind. I’m not good at construction something. It might be important to make something one by one, but I rather easily tires of anything. For example, I had been eager to complete a plastic model within the day that I got it rather than to complete it beautifully in my childhood. I had glued each parts with a quick-drying glue. I still have such habit now.

Even when I produce musics, I’m usually working in 70 percent of ability that I have, then move to next one after another. It’s the most healthy way for my mind. (laughs) I’m also working for my solo works in such feeling. Sometimes I realize that the rhythm is not perfect later, but I think it’s ok as it is. I trust my intuition.

Such intuition is important on the stage, isn’t it?

The word ‘intuition’ sounds cool, but I can change myself in front of audiences. I usually perform without rehearsal. I only check the balance and instruments in advance. Everything is alright somehow by audiences. (laughs) I’m lacking in effort so that I get a power from audiences on the stage.

You had been working as a model before.

Some pictures are used even now, but I’d not been working as a job. I got to know Kobayashi by chance and I knew he was a designer and a president of ‘General Research’ later. Then I’ve associated with him recently. Last year I participated in the show and some plaster figures in the shape of my body wearing clothes were standing in a row there. It’s just a model not a fashion model.

I also participated in the show of shoes by Koji Kuga held at Yellow in Tokyo. A scaffold were put up at the place and models were walking along the walkway with 2 meters above ground. The ceiling is not so high so that they should have bended their knees. Then they clinged to the scaffold and show audiences the shoes that they’re putting on. I did a performance to beat steels and play some instruments on the back ground music there.

The model in the shape of your figure is open on net now. Was it hard for you?

Yes, it was hard. I kept my tension on a high during I was formed in plaster. I was so tired and could not move my body because of a feeling of exhaustion on the next day. It took 10 hours.

If you’re offerd to do that once again, will you take on?

Probably I’ll do again. (laughs) I’ve done that two times. At the first time, I was asked by a graphic designer then my head and hand were formed in plaster. Two straws were put into my nose as same as the last time. I had an experience once before. It’s tired but I don’t dislike it.

Do you feel strange when you look at your copy without a soul?

It’s strange. As I know my face well, I can find that the detailed parts are hanging down by the weight of resin so that it looks older then me. But it looks exactly like me on the whole.

As far as the part of expression is concerned, is there no difference between model and music?

Of course I feel relieved when I’m playing music and instruments. I’m more familiar with music than model because I’ve been doing music for more than 20 years. There’s no difference between the two as my feeling, but I’m still confused without instruments.

When are you confused for example?

Musicians can make themselves look much better with a guitar or a drum. But if they’re taken away their instrumentals and put in the center of the stage, musicians are nothing but pitiable.

Is there anything you want to do in the near future?

There’re lots of things. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t set a goal to produce sounds. I consider the CD that I just released this time as a collection of materials useful for my performance. I’ll work thinking how I should do using them from now on. And I’m now performing with the video that I’ve produced, but it’s not going well so much at the moment. I want to produce a video that has a story like Laurie Anderson or Grace Jones, and also has humor.

Text: Kyota Hamaya
Translation: Mayumi Kaneko

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