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The VJ event ‘FUSE’ will be held on the largest scale in Japan on 20 of March at Liquid Room in Shinjuku. It’ll be the second time as ‘FUSE’. The last event was held at Club ASIA on last November and a long line more than 1,000 people continues to the entrance during the event time. This time, a pro designer VJ team ‘X-RAY’ will be appointed from overseas, and 21ED from ‘Ashura’ and more than 16 groups who have real ability will be gather to the event from all over Japan. It will be the largest scale in the world. In the future it seems to have a plan to participate in Apart Rave in London and Love Parade in Berlin, also invite DJs and VJs at any time to Join. Must-check before it’s too late!

Date: 20th March 1999, 22:00 -7:00
Info: 03-3200-6831

Text: Akira Natsume for Gasbook

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