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HAPPENINGText: Drunken Masta

For the last few months there have been ads on backs of magazines like TimeOut NY and posters all over downtown NYC with an image of a bunch of circularly-arranged bottles with clear colored liquids and the slogan: “The future of your beauty starts May 21st”.

The ad was for a new skincare company that just opened on Prince St. between Greene and Mercer in Soho, called 5S with a site designed by NY new media company i/o360. Their philosophy is about taking control of your own beauty by improving both your mind and body. Their entire line of skincare is “based on the five senses of wellbeing that every woman needs”.

Energizing, Purifying, Calming, Adoring and Nurturing, and each of these comes in two flavours, one for the mind and one for the body. You choose whichever ones you want to use at whatever time, and combine the different products as you like (thereby “taking control of your own beauty”).

The store itself is really cool, with clean white walls, frosted glass, lots of Helvetica type, lots of bright lights, TVs all over the place playing DVDs of 5S ads and various other soothing visuals, computers with CD-ROMs where you can browse their line of products, magazines, coffee and cookies.

Text: Drunken Masta

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