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“UFO -unidentified falling object”, Exhibition “Bakemono: Monster”, Aomori Museum of Art, 2015, oil based ink on PVC sheet, wood , and other

Okamoto Mitsuhiro “UFO -unidentified falling object”, Exhibition “Bakemono: Monster”, Aomori Museum of Art, 2015, Oil based ink on PVC sheet, wood, and other

OKAMOTO MITSUHIRO, a contemporary artist who has been continued to produce conceptual works based on “a great deal of the death’s point of view” yet pop, will hold solo exhibition “UFO after” at Tomakomai City Museum from April 23rd. It’s the 7th series of “Courtyard Exhibition -Court Installation-” to introduce site-specific installations in its courtyard space.


His “UFO -unidentified falling object” of “Bakemono: Monster” exhibition at Aomori Museum of Art attracted notice last summer. About this work, he compared a familiar motif named instant food to “UFO -unidentified flying object-” that he was excited curiosity through TV shows as a child, made it gigantic in in terms of the inverted, dug it on the surface of the earth as if it had crashed, and presented an image mixed the absurdity and uniqueness.

This time, he will exhibit a figure of the transformed work that was eaten after being picked up by someone, as underlying a fiction based on a play on words multiplied by the “after” and “after meals” of the unidentified falling object. It would be the valuable opportunity to touch the world of his cutting-edge work.

In addition, for the related exhibition “Art & Air -The Story of Art and Science Over The Sky and Airplane”, Shusuke Ao will exhibit from eitoeiko, a gallery in Tokyo which supports the “UFO after”, not only OKAMOTO MITSUHIRO. On April 23rd, Okamoto will talk about the charm of art including his works at artist talk.

Okamoto Mitsuhiro Exhibition “UFO after”
Date: April 23rd – September 4th, 2016
Open: 9:30 – 17:00 (Closed on Monday)
Place: Tomakomai City Museum
Address: 3-9-7, Suehiro-cho, Tomakomai, Hokkaido
Admissions: General 300 yen, Students 200 yen, Under 12-year-old free
Tel: +81 (0)144 35 2550
Organizer: Tomakomai City Museum
Supported by eitoeiko

Text: Aya Shomura

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