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HAPPENINGText: Victor Moreno

Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Tongues of Verglas / Les Langues de Verglas (2023), Installation view Yet, It Moves!, Copenhagen Contemporary (2023)

Jakob Kudsk Steensen’s “Tongues of Verglas / Les Langues de Verglas” (2023) is his large-scale installation for Yet, It Moves! Rooted in the artist’s interest in wetlands, time, and the state of water, from liquid to crystal, the contrast of the large, suspended, digital screen stretching high over the floor of volcanic glacial sand leaves a void as if the installation is hovering in a vacuum. The video is in slow motion to enhance and pay homage to the process of the creation of the world, the million years needed to create these ice formations, while the soundtrack reproduces the glacier environment.

Jenna Sutela, Pond Brain (2023), Installation view Yet, It Moves!, Copenhagen Contemporary (2023)

Finnish artist Jenna Sutela presents “Pond Brain” (2023), an exploration of how the stars were created. All water on Earth comes from the clouds of water vapor released when stars were born in our galaxy. The metaphor Sutela creates is the vibrations of the water resembling the electromagnetic waves of the brain. A microphone hanging above a water-filled bronze bowl captures the sound waves of droplets projecting on the wall whose movement resembles the brain’s protuberances. The title alludes to the work of Stafford Beer, a British scientist who drew inspiration from biology to develop unconventional computers in the 1960s. Every time a drop hits the water, a different pattern and sound echoes, reflecting the ever-shifting variations in our brain.

Helene Nymann, Carte De Continuonus – What do we remember that we want the future to remember? (2023), Installation view Yet, It Moves!, Copenhagen Contemporary (2023)

The complete list of participating artists is Ryoji Ikeda (b. 1966, JP), Jakob Kudsk Steensen (b. 1987, DK), Jenna Sutela (b, 1983, FI), Ligia Bouton (b. 1973 BR/US), Helene Nymann (b. 1982, DK), Nina Nowak (b. 1984, PL/DE), Jens Settergren (b. 1989, DK), Black Quantum Futurism (US), Cecilia Bengolea (b. 1979, AR), Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm (b. 1984, DK) and Nora Turato (b. 1I 991, HR).

CC has achieved a unique occasion to gather such an array of international artists and research institutions working together under the same concept. It is a collaborative effort which has been beautifully laid out in the luxury of this gallery’s vast exhibition spaces.

Yet, it moves!
Date: May 12th – December 30th, 2023
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 18:00 (Thursday till 21:00)
Closed on Monday and Tuesday
Place: Contemporary Copenhagen
Address: Refshalevej 173A, 1432 Copenhagen K
Tel: +45 2989 8087

Text: Victor Moreno
Photos: David Stjernholm, Courtesy of Contemporary Copenhagen

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