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DESIGNART GALLERY, a new platform featuring Asian design centered on “UNDER 30”, which focuses on creators under the age of 30, was one of the main contents of DESIGNART TOKYO. It was deployed at the new transmission base Hz Shibuya.

Chialing Chang (messeagnleaving) “DESIGNART GALLERY” Exhibition (Hz SHIBUYA) © Nacása & Partners

Taipei-based Chialing Chang (messeagnleaving), who was selected for “UNDER 30”, presented a collection of lighting fixtures and mirrors that bring out the diverse expressions of brass and stainless steel under the theme of “reflection” of light and vision. A newly written poem by the Japanese poet Hikari Osanai was also displayed at the same time, and provided an opportunity to feel the theme of the exhibition “between seen and unseen.”

quantum x Stratasys Japan “mitate” “DESIGNART GALLERY” Exhibition (Hz SHIBUYA) © Nacása & Partners

Karyn Lim, a Singapore-born industrial designer, who explores products that suit modern lifestyles by incorporating technology into craft design which makes the most of the characteristics of materials, created a new work that transforms three-dimensional geometric pieces into purses. quantum x Stratasys Japan project uses AI to make any object look like a vessel and develops it into a unique vessel design using a 3D printer. Visitors were able to see cutting-edge initiatives like these works.

Studio POETIC CURIOSITY “Wind Whisperer: Putting Words on the Wind” (Blue Bottle Coffee Kitaya Park) © Nacása & Partners

In addition, at the official cafe for the event, Blue Bottle Coffee Shibuya Kitaya Park branch, Studio POETIC CURIOSITY had a hands-on exhibition “Wind Whisperer: Putting Words on the Wind” with a device that converts words (whispers) into bubbles and shoots them into the sky. At the Aoyama branch, glass aroma diffusers made by Toyama’s aroma oil brand “Taroma” and a designer, Ryuya Yamada, were displayed. The Roppongi branch was exhibiting “DIG-DUG,” a new work by Atsushi Shindo, who has presented objects and art works in the interior industry. Those exhibits entertained visitors as unique resting spots.

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