HAPPENINGText: Taketo Oguchi

Continuing from last year, Hibiya OKUROJI, located in the 300m space under the overpass between Yurakucho and Shimbashi Station, presented various works. Hibiya OKUROJI is an underpass space that makes use of the 100-year-old brick arch that was born in the Meiji era. There are some restaurants and small retail stores in the space.

Sohma Furutate “MASS-2022-” (Hibiya OKUROJI) © Nacása & Partners

Sohma Furutate, who is a second-year student of the Kuma Foundation and was selected for this year’s “UNDER 30”, focuses on every relationship that exists in a space, and uses a unique approach to his designs and artworks. He exhibited a group of interior elements work called “MASS-2022-” which was created with ideas of unrealistic elements that are caused in the digital world.

Nina Nomura “Life Through Holes” (Hibiya OKUROJI) © Nacása & Partners

Nina Nomura, who was also selected for “UNDER 30”, exhibited “Life Through Holes”. The minute and delicate work that fills the surface of the object with super fine holes had attracted attention on SNS and such, and many visitors came to see the artwork.

“New TRASHdisional Craft” (Shibuya Tokyu Plaza) © Nacása & Partners

Also, during the exhibition period, the “New TRASHdisional Craft,” which was popular last year, was held at Shibuya Tokyu Plaza. Recycled crafts is a project initiated by Okunote and Yushima Art, a company that manufactures and sells decorative paper. They use the power of traditional crafts to bring things that no longer have use or go straight to trash back into daily life again.

This year, new supporters and designers of various traditional crafts, such as Japanese noren curtain dyeing, metalwork, lacquer, Japanese repairing technique – kintsugi, Japanese style cut glass – Edo Kiriko, and ikebana, worked with them. From flower vases, accessories and to art works, a wide variety of works were exhibited.

Overall, despite the Covid-19 disaster effects, this year’s DESIGNART was able to bring its vitality back to the city. However, on the other hand, clusters occurred locally and that brought nervousness to people again. While people are still confused about how to cope with this Covid-19 disaster, they hope to be able to attend this event next year with the less pressure of the post-pandemic.

Date: October 21st – 30th, 2022
Exhibition Area: Omotesando, Gaienmae, Shibuya, Harajuku, Roppongi, Hiroo, Ginza
Organizer: Designer Tokyo Executive Committee

Text: Taketo Oguchi
Translation: Yumiko Miyagawa
Photos: Nacása & Partners Inc. Courtesy of DESIGNART TOKYO

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