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Paradise City, Korea presents the media art festival “INSCAPE – Voyage to Hidden Landscape” from October 21st to 24th throughout the venue. Starting its ambitious journey from the first comprehensive solo show in Asia of Quebec artist Herman Kolgen that on view from September 17th, a constellation of ten artists from Canada, Korea, Japan will honor the program by participating in the live performance, Media Façade Premiere, and Artist Talk. Every single event could be appreciated online-only on YouTube while opening its door for all viewers worldwide so that everyone can enjoy the festival anywhere.

BAKTERIUM, Herman Kolgen. Photo: Courtesy of Paradise City

As an accomplishment of intimate co-production with ELKTRA Montreal, Herman Kolgen, Matthew Biederman, Lucas Paris, machìna and Yeono will show their live performance stage at Paradise City’s club Chroma on 21st and 22nd. This will be followed by a spectacular scale of Media Façade Premiere by Herman Kolgen and Yiyun Kang on 23rd with the artists’ commentary session in the act.

Live Performance, machìna. Photo: Courtesy of Paradise City

For the festival’s last day, Artist Talk event will be held with all featuring artists and special guests; Shohei Fujimoto and Kyoka via video chat. Joined by Alain Thibault (Artistic director, ELEKTRA) and Jay Bang (Senior Curator, PAS) as curatorial panels, attendees will share a profound dialogue about their own practices for this program and its contextual connection to the program theme, hidden landscape behind the post-pandemic reality.

The performance program is scheduled to make its first global tour at ELEKTRA Festival in Montreal in 2022 and plan further extensions in Paris and Tokyo. Jay Bang, the main curator, quoted: “I endeavor to demonstrate the fundamental change of technological and societal landscape derived from the pandemic by a diverse array of art practices. In this context, noteworthy themes in each realm of art, technology, and society are identified, which lead to relevant curatorial narratives such as exhibition, performance, media façade, and artist talk.” Based on the festival, Jay Bang and Paradise Art Space expect to keep enhancing their presence in the global art scene with excellent partnerships.

INSCAPE – Voyage to Hidden Landscape
Date: October 21st – 24th, 2021
Place: Paradise Art Space
Address: 186, Yeongjonghaeannam-ro 321-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon, Korea
Tel: +82 1833 8855

Text: Kate Lee
Photos: Courtesy of Paradise City

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