PEOPLEText: Victor Moreno

VR is becoming more and more common in our everyday lives. Briefly, please let us know about some interesting results from your research work in this field.

We have discovered VR is very powerful at placing the viewer in difficult situations. For therapy patients can learn to overcome their fears of crowds, flying, public speaking via experiencing these simulated situations.

Superconsumers, The Hyundai department store, Seoul

Please tell me about Superconsumers. How did you get Hyundai involved into this and what is the main idea behind it. What are the challenges for this project?

We have worked closely with Hyundai since 2011 as ‘digital artists in residence’ on many video art projects including Vision Hall, and Tribes at Hyundai Motorstudio. They invited us to create new video artworks for the giant videowall on the luxury department store in Gangnam, Seoul. We created a series of films – each showing a procession of modern pop art characters inspired by consumer products

Apart from Seoul, has this work been shown somewhere else?

Times Square in NYC, Istanbul, Turkey and Shenzhen, China.

What is Universal Everything? Cover

Recently, you have released the book, What is Universal Everything? Since your body of work focuses on digital channels, I believe it was some kind of getaway to conceptualize a piece for print with Spin studios?

It was a lovely process to work with my friends at Spin, to make transform our digital works back into a solid printed form. This book will exist for longer than our digital files !

Please namedrop some places where the book is stocked.

The best place to find our book in on the Unit Editions website 🙂

You have done a number of remarkable exhibits worldwide. Could you please let us know what are you working on currently or any plan for new exhibits we may know?

We are developing a series of immersive video experiences as part of an exhibition package for a number of venues worldwide. The amazing success of Teamlab in Japan has opened up many opportunities for the public to ‘step inside the screen’ I hope we can create an exhibition in Japan soon!
I was last in Tokyo in 2000… I would love to visit Japan again.

What is Universal Everything?
Specifications: 240 × 338mm, 384 (plus 4pp cover), Hardback, black foil-blocked type on cover, CYK + one special
Limited: 2,000 Copies with unique tipped-in cover images; high gloss lamination
Typeface(s): GT Cinetype by Grilli type
Price: £75, free postage worldwide
Printer: GöteborgsTryckeriet, Mölndal

Text: Victor Moreno

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