THINGSText: Adib Jalal

Voiddeck Tablecloth

What were the underlying design questions that were asked in the process?

What makes a meaningful souvenir?
How should Singapore be represented?
What is a souvenir and its purpose?

Journal 6 years

What was the process like in identifying unique narratives and interpretations for these Singapore Souvenirs?

This is difficult to answer as the participating designers work individually most of the time. However, we do meet occasionally to ‘brainstorm’ on ideas.

Some of the items on display were already for sale while others are conceptual works. What’s the path forward for this products?

We are currently working various manufacturers and distributors in commercialising the products. As for the ‘non-goods’ souvenirs, we are working with various tourism industry stakeholders and government agancies to realise this concepts.

We are also planning to do another Singapore Souvenirs Exhibition next year, with the inclusion of more designers and on a bigger scale.

Text: Adib Jalal

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