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“I love to paint elegant women, in beautiful clothes, in glamorous settings. I’m not really inspired by fashion per se, as more by the feel of the fashion from the past; the Forties and Fifties in particular have a classic, ageless beauty expressed by fashions of the time. I am influenced enormously by the elegant and beautiful fashion drawings by illustrators of this period, as well as contemporary fashion artists and illustrators working today. I love the playful, flirty and romantic storytelling in the work of illustrators such as Rene Gruau and Andre­-Edouard Marty to name but two. I am also currently playing with the idea that a piece of work can, at first, look like a successful abstract and then slowly it becomes clear that it is a fashion painting.

Saying that, I just love working with ink and paint and am more than happy to paint most subject matters.” -By Bridget Davies

“Estella”, 40cm square, Bridget Davies

The first time I met Bridget Davies was at an art fair in Fulham, South West London in 2012. I can’t remember much about the art fair but it was held in a Victorian­-architectural style building with a lush of greenery and colourful petals. Not a fine art lover myself at that time, her fashion illustrations caught my attention among other fine art pieces, ceramics and accessories. I can’t remember exactly where she was born either, however she spent her childhood in Asia, ­Hong Kong. Her works gradually draw more attention as she was commissioned to have prints of her work in John Lewis which has propelled further attention as well as projects with Anthropologie and The Shard. These are all very exciting for an emerging artist!

Beyond pushing boundaries, hard work, determination, never tire of experimenting different ideas and techniques in painting illustrations, know more about her outside the illustration world!

the powder room_480x530
“The Powder Room”, 480mm x 530mm, Bridget Davies

Please share one of your childhood memories.

Making paper dolls with lots of little outfits… I did this just about everywhere I went!

What is your favourite pastime when you’re not drawing?

Reading, swimming, running and cycling and scuba diving.

“Walking The Dog” series, 350mm x 500mm, Bridget Davies

If you were an object, what would it be? Reason?

I would be a pencil so I could draw or a diamond so I could sparkle.

Who is your favourite artist and why​?

There are too many to choose from. I love the fashion illustrators and artists from the 1920 up to today. I guess my favourite period would be the 1950s. I also love the work of Toulouse Lautrec and Egon Schiele.

“Estella”, 400mm square, Bridget Davies

Is there any new drawing subject or media that you’d like to explore in the future?

I would like to work on painting some nudes, also I would like to paint some fashion paintings in ship wreck dresses (as I like diving) representing the fragility and feelings of solitude and loneliness, broken hearts.

“Wonderfully Glamorous”, scarf, 870mm x 870mm, Bridget Davies

Please give a message for our readers.

My work is about many different things. Some paintings tell stories taken from private personal experiences and some are fictitious. You may interpret them as you like but please enjoy!

Text: Waiming Wee

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