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PEOPLEText: Victor Moreno

If you are asking for the most significant expression of a colorful, romantic and artificial realism– within the Scandinavian pop culture, Klara G is the answer. A blend of photographic realism throughout truly pop manners which splashes with its plastic color-o-rama.

When 10-year old Klara won a Konica POP camera in a photo contest she began taking pictures of things around the house. Her younger brother was also a favorite model. Klara’s father worked as a photographer and has been a great source of inspiration, so she grew up in an environment where photography was very present.

Klara has developed experience enough to become a top-solicited photographer in town. Actually she is represented by Britta Martin one of the photo-agencies pioneer in Sweden. Klara is great with people, she is great with beauty, she is great with still life and she is also a great company for a good hang-out over the Stockholm nightlife. We meet her in her studio. The place is known as Stationen and holds few different freelance photographers. It´s a beautiful photo-studio located by the trendy area of SoFo in Södermalm, the southern island of Stockholm. There we got the chance to talk a bit more with her.


Could you let me know a bit from your background.

I´ve been working as a freelance photographer for the last eight years. I have been working with many of Sweden´s biggest brands.
I spent 3 years in a photography school in the southern part of Sweden (Gamleby School of Photography). After I finished I started off as a portrait photographer at the Swedish Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm (Dramaten). I don’t know if I have a special sweetest moment, I´m always truly amused by my shootings and I find almost every shooting just as special and amusing, I get most of my clients because of my quirky manner.


You work within commercials and also fashion-editorial side. How could you describe that from different positive and negative aspects.

I´m blending still life, fashion and beauty. My commercial side is mainly based on still life photography, if there´s any human elements they´re probably just a leg or an arm holding something. That´s the main thing of the picture. My editorial side is both still life and model photography, the reason I almost only shoot people when its editorial is because Im´ only amused by model photography when it implies artistic freedom and so far I havent´ really experienced that on the commercial side. I´m waiting for it, but I do a lot of commercial beauty commissions. I really like the mix of motifs in my pictures, that I’m doing both high-fashion accessories, everyday objects or beauty models, I wouldn’t wanna concentrate on just one thing. Sometimes clients get confused by the fact that Im´ doing all of it, but the clients that has followed me think I have a clear red thread through my work. Im´ always stylizing my images whether its people or shoes or spoons that I shoot. For me it isn´t a big difference if is a leg or a spoon.

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