PEOPLEText: Victor Moreno


What is your opinion about the communication and editorial landscape in Sweden/Scandinavia? And how you could compare that pulse within Stockholm itself.

I have a feeling that something is missing in the editorial world of Stockholm, for example Im´ missing a magazine with the perfect blend of art and fashion with a good eye for still life, with humor, overall I think its a little strange that we don´t see that much humor in our magazines. The only reason I see is that Stockholm is too small to be able to contain everything.


What do you like about Stockholm and what don´t?

I like the water, it surrounds you wherever you are in the city. The light is magic. I don´t like that it´s cold here fifty percent of the year, but its magic when spring arrives, everyone starts to smile again and lower their shoulders and starts to say hello to each other again.

Which other cities are you feeling inspired for?

I just got back from Cape Town and I´m already planning my trip back there, maybe that city will be my solution out of Stockholm´s cold climate during the winter

Focused just in photography aspects. Is any place in particular you think now is at forefront of the worldwide panorama.

My head.


Still talking about photography. Which are your most valorous influences. Works you can tell us.

I don´t really watch other photographers that much, or art, I´m more inspired by film and music. For example I´m watching David Lynch a lot and listen to a lot of old music, 80ies inspires me most and old vocal jazz. Nina Simone and Chet Baker is my greatest sources of inspiration.

Besides commercial and editorial I know you have started other artistic projects such us stop motion and stuff related to music.

I´ve always been curious of making moving images, I don´t think that´s unusual for a photographer, it´s all about telling stories. I was asked to do an advertising stop motion film for a Swedish online casino. The result was so good that we immediately started to think of new clients to do next thing for. We got the assignment to do a music video which is not out yet.

Text: Victor Moreno

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