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Furia is the project of the talented artist/creative Guillermo Tragant. Furia has already worked for clients such as Nike, Levis, Coca Cola and much more. The formula: a mix of creativity, experimentation, world travelling, and the urban-pop culture. In this interview you can discover the viewpoints of his mentor.

Guillermo Tragant

Please introduce Furia.

Furia is a design-and-thought studio aimed at making incredible new fun things that arouse emotions in people; several brands and clients who share this vision seek us to provide our talent to their businesses.

How did the idea of Furia come up? What ideal were you looking for?

Furia emerges from the search for a new creative space determined to create a more experimental and artistic language for the business demand.

Could you tell us about history of Furia?

Furia began in 2007. After almost 9 years travelling around the world working for different brands in Europe and the USA, such as Benetton, Colors, Rolling Stone, MTV, Shakira, Kenneth Cole, Coca Cola, etc, I came back to Buenos Aires to open my own design studio and put together a multidisciplinary team willing to create new ideas and ways to communicate.

Tobogán para Nike Dunk

Brief history of your career as an artist.

I have always drawn, ever since I was a boy, and then I have experimented with photography and painting. I use art to manipulate the business side and vice versa. I have always been interested in the dynamism between the creation and the emotional scale of ideas. I am interested in making people feel moved and in telling a story in every work of art, always with a strong visual content and a concept lying behind.

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