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PEOPLEText: Junko Isogawa

Thomas Marecki, a publisher and art director of the pop culture related magazine “Lodown“, a bi-monthly magazine from Berlin. As a new project with a distance from the magazine, he started an independent art book publisher called “Unagi Books“. We interviewed him about this new project.

Unagi Books

First of all, could you introduce yourself?

Hello, I am Thomas Marecki, 35 years old in 2007, male, heterosexual, native German, I am running a magazine related to cultural interests in subjects of popculture selected by random picks of the team “Lodown”.

Gas Book 16 – MAROK (Gas As Interface Co.,Ltd.)

Please tell us about Lodown.

Lodown is a vehicle to reflect, introduce upcomming people who leave the mark on society, wether in arts, music, fashion or sometimes in science.

LODOWN DVD – Marok.superlo8 Chronicles 1996-2000 (Gas As Interface Co.,Ltd.)

How has Lodown or your own activities changed over the years compared to the time when the magazine was launched?

Activism and idealism is shifting to rationalism and idealism.

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