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PEOPLEText: Naoko Wowsugi

Peggy Noland is a fashion designer based in Kansas City. She runs her own clothing shop. Many amazing musicians and artists would love to wear Peggy Noland in their performance. They know her clothing brings out so much more power and attractions. Let’s sit down with this fascinating stylish bodysuit-maker who is one of the sweetest crazy girl ever.

Peggy Noland

First, please introduce yourself.

I’m Peggy Noland. An artist who is best known for my work with fiber – although my true passion is environments – me in them, and documenting the effect the have on what I make with my hands.

Tell me your latest hobby and favorite music, movie, book, magazine, website.

I’m currently researching ‘cute’ -and it’s history and marketability. The rules of cute – including: big, wide eyes, small mouth, fat arms, no neck. A large part of this study revolves around Tokyo/Japanese culture. The only music I’m allowed to listen too is SSION.

Peggy Noland

How did you become a designer?

The path I have found is completely unexpected. I had not intended on making clothing or owning a store. My major in college was religious studies, after an experience working in New Delhi for an extended period of time. I applied for the Peace Corps and didn’t get in (long story), and now I am here.

You are based in Kansas City. How do you like Kansas City?

Kansas city is a wonderful weird place to be. I stay focus and inspired here. A community that supports its artists is hard to find, and harder to leave. I try and travel extensively as part of my process, as it peeks my interest this smaller community of larger things happening. If you can get here, and if you can tap into this energy once you are here – you are looking for something unusual, and you will see an incredible ambition – perhaps spiraling from an angry, even jealous, boredom that attracts and demands attention. My peers here are jumping leaps and bounds at a time, and it is my opinion that we inspire each other. When you find yourself in a city who’s planned energy isn’t particularly invested in its youth culture you find your source of creativity is completely unique and perhaps more importantly – unaffected.

Peggy Noland

What is your latest project?

My projects today are circulating around an instillation base. I have remodeled the store to reflect a concept that you will see in the next seasons clothing. It is becoming increasingly important for me to surround myself with inspiration, something you sometimes have to provide yourself. Additionally, it attracts an audience that is inquisitive about the right things and current themes – the ‘how’ rather than the ‘why.’

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