FARM is a collective, a new generation of designers, who evocate cross disciplinary exploration, championing the spirit of sharing and of bringing together. Started off as the organisers of Rojak, it is since grown into a design firm, spear heading community art events and an online local design directory. Its success has spurred on local designers to take on similar formats and approaches within the design community. Shift interviews part founder, full time Farmer Torrance Goh.


What is a Farm?

Farm started as a society, one that nurtures and grows local creative talents, such as artists and designers. The “mission” was to create a dialogue within the community, one that was free for all and was neutral. At the moment, we are focusing on FarmWork, the work arm of FARM.


Who is involved in FARM? What’s the story behind FARM?

We started with three. We were all still in architecture school and had lots of friends from various design fields. We wanted to bring our friends together, to bridge artists and designers. It all started out really simply from my home. We wanted to have a newsletter and started with a one page website. We wanted friends to share their works through an interesting format and started a sharing session called Rojak.

More recently we have moved into our own space. Previously we would work from our homes, but we decided to formalise Farm into a more formal structure.


What inspires FARM?

We are always developing and changing. We don’t have a specific style and its more about the dynamics within the team and opportunities to bring someone in.

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