PEOPLEText: Wee Ling Soh

How do you think your work stand out from other creative labels?

I’ve never thought about that actually as my work is random. I make everything myself and there is a lot of improvisation and spontaneity.

Foo Aiwei
Left Handed Typist (Music CD)

Name us your favorite creatives, in Singapore or elsewhere, and why?

I don’t really have a favourite because a lot of them are good. It is too hard to choose one.

Foo Aiwei
Lollipop Briefcase- (left) sit on it like a chair, carry it like a briefcase

How was the response at EverydayWeekend’s opening exhibition?

We never really publicized the event, only to friends and people that we know. We wanted it to be simple and small yet we were also keen to get as much feedback since making furniture and music are rather “out of the norm” for us – I was trained in Fine Arts and Apparel Design & Merchandising, while Herman was trained in Graphic Design.

People are quite curious why or how we created these pieces. The pieces that we created are experimental and are a juxtaposition of objects in our daily life. All pieces are handmade, from the brand label to our name cards, so that’s pretty tedious and insane. I’m glad that people like them, especially the Lollipop Briefcase chair which made everyone wonder and hesitate if they can sit on it (yes, perfectly fine as we had made all pieces to be functional objects).

Foo Aiwei
Dog-ear Lookbook

Where can people go to if they want to buy your whimsical and one-of-a-kind art?

They can go to Asylum, if not they can contact me directly at

Tell us about your next project.

I am currently planning and designing a men’s wear series but things are progressing quite slowly because I cannot afford to develop the series full time.

Text: Wee Ling Soh
Photos: Courtesy of Foo Aiwei

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