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HAPPENINGText: Julio Cesar Palacio

The Tradeshow leader in Europe in modern fashion culture presented the colections for Winter 07 in Barcelona. Once again, the best fashion brands, established as well as upcomming designers, coolhunters, fashion editorials, magazines and specialized press booked an appointment between the 17th till the 19th of January at the Fira Barcelona.


Bread & Butter has been well established in Barcelona as the only city in which the event takes place after the retirement of Berlin. The last edition (Summer 06) brought about 54.000 people from more than 95 countries. For this edition, the organization overpassed that number with 82.837 fashion professionals registered.


The Feria is right now on the top of its popularity for brands, shops and all kind of professionals involved in fashion. Moreover, of course, the City of Barcelona, the Hotel Industry and most of all the transport sector, especially the Taxis, beneficiate from the event.

But even with all these records, the opinion of this edition’s visitors was not too good. Many believe that in the Tradeshow, there was a strange mix between great products and cutting edge tendences on the one hand, and really bad taste labels, conservative clothes and cheap-appearence urbanwear from a neighbourghood market or a chinnese shop on the other hand.

This editions didn’t have as many distractions in the outside hall as the summer one with its Skate-Park, Pools and Barbecue area had, so this time the visitors had to concentrate on clothing only. But that wasn’t made easy, either. Another problem of the Feria this time that many visitors complained about was the volume of the music inside and outside each pavillion. Different kinds of music interfered with each other, all of them incredibly loud.


But also, this edition was a great success for the different brands. They got more clients than in the last editions, so everybody was happy.

The B&butter was divided in 6 big Areas: DENIM, FASHION, SPORT & STREET, SUPERIOR, STUDIO.04, BB KIDS and the LUNA HALL as press area.

DENIM brought the brand new look of classical Jeans wear tendence with established brands like Levi’s, Guess, Pepe Jeans London, Replay and Wrangler. There were also new interesting brands like Tokidoki, De Puta Madre, One Green Elephant, Parasuco Cult and Super Rifle.

The Denim Area showed how fashionable the combination of Jeans and couture still is.

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