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HAPPENINGText: Emanuelis Ryklys

DAROM is a do-it-yourself open air jam in Lithuanian nature, where everybody is invited to participate, not just buy one more entertainment weekend. It’s an open space for your sounds, visuals, happenings, performances, creation, communication.

It’s quite natural because globally and locally there is still quite big wave of DIY culture. Internet is overloaded with info or specially dedicated website where you can get all answer of how to make something yourself. So the DIY festival is not an exception.

Despite heavy rains, the first festival held in the first weekend of August ’05 saw more than 1500 people and music acts from Holland, Belgium, Germany, Latvia, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania. Also various movies and videos were shown, there were piercing studio, merchandise distro, fire-heated stones sauna, street-art exhibition, football tournament. Krishna people and volunteers provided vegetarian food.

This year DAROM ’06 invites all DIY lovers for the second time and hopes this festival to be much more bigger than for the first time. It is gonna happen on the first weekend of August as well. There was a great mouth-to-mouth promotion after DAROM ’05. This year besides Valley and Barn stages and Stall cinema, there gonna be Chill’n’chai and Fruit bar tents with their own soundsystems and hopefully more attractions organized by visitors themselves.

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