HAPPENINGText: Emanuelis Ryklys

On August 19th – 20th days of year 2005 the third open-air festival Kulturos tvartas 2005 will take place in Lentvaris. The participants came to festival not only from Lithuania, but from UK, France, Finland, Latvia as well.

Same as last two year festivals this Kulturos tvartas will pass in a state of ruin of the count Tiskevicius castle that is situated between the castle of Lantvaris and the lake. The festival’s stage will be installed between ex-cotes of castle (only red brick walls are left from this buildings).

Already for the third time in this extraordinary place Lithuanian and foreign professional artists, DJs, VJs and others will show a glorious two days long programme of sounds, visuals and light.

The main theme of the festival is cover. Or in other words re-creation of original works. The phenomenon of cover still seems topical and problematical issue. Arising questions “what is cover?”, “why is cover?”, “when is cover?” are difficult and sometimes impossible to answer. It depends on different conceptions and circumstances.

So, how could you define a cover? Creative or pirate plagiation, computer transformation and mutation of the source, piss-take of original, destruction of original, sampling, mixing and scraching, remixing, conceptual karaoke, copy&paste techniques, etc. And what is really important to the festival – cover gives inspiration and freedom to the process of creation.

Cover is protection, pretext and package. It’s the way, style, inspiration of creation in one. The phenomenon of covers is older than music itself. Covers are time machines, the way of manipulation of old works, unique possibility of renovation. Sometimes cover is the one which booms the original version or at least do not surrender to it.

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