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PEOPLEText: Garry Waller

This article in New York focuses on a Creative Design House Trollback & Co. a bicoastal creative studio whose ranks I have recently joined (now three months in). They create design for a range of disciplines, from film titles and trailers to TV commercials, environmental and architectural installations, network branding, outdoor advertising, magazine and book design to name a few, but their bread & butter work is motion graphics.

The design area of the New York office

Up until very recently I was working at R/GA, the company where Jakob Trollback, Trollback & Co’s founder used to work roughly six years ago, so I’d had some introduction to his work. In his five year stint with R/GA Jakob climbed the ladder, starting as a junior designer and ending up as Creative Director for what was in its heyday one of the the leading design firms working in Motion Graphics. They worked on film titles for Superman, Alien, Mission Impossible and Seven as well as doing commercials and special effects. But as R/GA closed its broadcast doors to concentrate on Interactive design, Jakob promptly set up his own shop in 1999 to continue doing what he knew best, motion design.

Menu designs for Turner Movie Channel

Six years on and Trollback & Co. is doing well, having amassed a very impressive portfolio of work spanning disciplines, winning awards, acquiring good press left & right and having a penthouse design studio in midtown, Manhattan to call home. In addition, a 2nd office in Venice Beach, L.A. was recently opened to add more creative punch to the company.

TV spot for Jaguar XJ8L

The type of work that goes through Trollback, seems like it’s wide open despite the recent emphasis on one particular job for CourtTV, a cable channel who were in dire need of a complete re-branding package to liven up their image. Despite attention from all parties to nail that job, at least since I’ve been there it seems that anything could be possible with the focus the company has and the expertise that’s there.

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