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HAPPENINGText: Eric Dalbin

Far from galleries and festivals L’Autre Video, “The Other Video” in English, offers to screen video art in a place of exchange and daily life: l’Autre Cafe. The aim of the event is to become a media to present pieces of quality, a meeting place, and a nowadays review about video.

L’Autre Video takes place every 3rd Thursday of the month and introduce works with their authors being there (or not). Every sessions include 3 to 4 artists introducing 20 minutes of their works to the audience.

The program first purpose is to be wildy open from music video and VJ to installation. It could be narrative or non-narrative, no matter, it just needs to offer an emotion to the public.

This initiative is the result of Didier Feldmann’s (Video Paper) passion and enthusiasm for motion pictures and a collaboration with Jerome Allard, the owner of L’Autre Cafe, a nice place in the center of Paris, fully equiped with 2 video beamers, 2 screens and 3 TV monitors.

According to Didier Feldmann, the statement after 4 events would be that the exchanges between video artists and the growing affluence of audience combined with some very exciting discoveries such as Bowling Club?, Fabien Leroy and Camille Virolleau confirm the interest for new forms of art like VJing or compilation of Music Video. It just missed some international artists in the selection.

L’Autre Video
Place: L’Autre Cafe
Address: 62 Rue Jean Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris

Text: Eric Dalbin
Photos: Camille Virolleau, Courtesy of L'Autre Video

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