HAPPENINGText: Eric Dalbin

Tackling the connections which link contemporary art, video, and music, the exhibition “Live” which opens on May 13th at Palais de Tokyo, promises to be a passionate introduction to the new fields being explored by a handful of interdisciplinary artists.

Installations by Alexander Gyrfi

“Live” testifies to the work of a young generation of plastic artists who also experiment with various forms of musical creation, opening up the way to an exciting series of exchanges between different mediums and genres. Videos, installations, performance art, DJing, and live concerts are combined together, constantly revitalizing the world of contemporary creation.

Installations by Sidney Stucki

Conceived by Jerume Sans (co-director of Palais de Tokyo) to be an ever-evolving “event in progress” this 45-day long exhibition will develop alongside the various events programmed, in a series of fourteen stages that will include performances by Aphex Twin, Chicks On Speed, Daniel Pflumm and Arnaud Maguet, DJ Spooky, Hsia-Fei Chang, and Erikm. The events will take place at various venues around Paris, such as le Plan, le Twins, le Nouveau Casino, le Centre Culturel Mexicain, and of course at le Palais de Tokyo.

Installation by Daniel Pflumm

The works of different artists will be shown within the confines of Palais de Tokyo, and a selection of music videos will be broadcasted on a giant screen throughout the length of the exhibition. In order not to miss a single one of the events taking place, we invite you to explore the exhibition’s different stages on their website.Catalogue design by Sophie Toporkoff

The Exhibition “Live”
Date: May 13th – June 27th, 2004
Place: Palais de Tokyo
Address: 13 Avenue du President Wilson, 75116 Paris
Tel: +33 1 4723 3886

Text: Eric Dalbin
Photos: Courtesy of Palais de Tokyo

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