HAPPENINGText: Tim Spear

Pockets, where would we be without them?

To mark the launch of the pocket sized Gameboy Advance SP console in the UK, Nintendo decided to hold an exhibition celebrating the history of the pocket. This you may think is a very unusual idea for an exhibit, and you’d be right. Tucked away in a corner of soho, an old car showroom has been converted into an space where you can retrace the history of something that most people take for granted.

The exhibition starts by looking at pockets through the ages, from anglo-saxon origins as a ‘little bag’ to its roles in Shakespearean society, through to Todays fashion variants.

‘Pockets from the Crypt’ looks at what people keep in their pockets, and what it says about them. The section looks at what 7 famous people keep in their pockets, including the contents of Kurt Cobain’s pockets when he was found dead – 62 dollars and a flight ticket.

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