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HAPPENINGText: Sayaka Hirakawa

Selfridges Centenary Exhibition

It was a fuchsia pink MIU MIU purse. The first thing that I ever bought at Selfridges in my life. Its golden metal fittings and smooth leather skin shined in the show case almost winking at me. I couldn’t move. Every now and then, Vanessa Bruno’s linen dress, knitted top from Marc Jacobs, a pair of sandal from Kurt Geiger, a wedding Album from Circa rapped up with soft white tissue paper to be put in that significant yellow shopping bag, and brought back to my wardrobe. The feeling when you receive the yellow shopping back, that is something special, only Selfridges can give you that feeling. This is Selfridges one-hundredth birth year. Every day and night, the shopping bags fling into town to paint London Selfridges yellow.


The founder, H. Gordon Selfridge revolutionised the way people shopped. Having championed shopping for fun rather than necessity, Selfridge romanticised commerce from the very start. Its famous shopping windows have always been hot topics designed by various artists. Some significant displays from the past like “Vegas Supernova” back to the windows now to sum up their history.


Down the main escalator, going into Centenary Exhibition, we can see a big tree made from successive shopping bags, more history of the building and shots of their favourite celebrities from over the years.

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