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HAPPENINGText: Amy Franceschini

The title: How will I ever Be Simple Again, is the title of a Richard Thompson Song. Included in this group show are four artists working in mediums ranging from drawing to video. Upon entering the gallery, Jo Jackson’s “We have always lived in a castle” speaks for itself.

Jo Jackson, We have always lived in a castle

Projecting out from this vocal point are some small paintings by Jo followed by a stream of conscious mix of Christopher Garret drawings with Shaun O’dell and Bob Linder’s work parallel.

Christopher Garret, Untitled

Garret’s work is a sort of narrative which leaves you simultaneously cringing at the absurdity of some pieces and awing over the simplistic beauty of others like this one below.

Christopher Garret Left: Natural Progression, Right: Untitled.

To the side of Jo’s wall piece are a group of small paintings. Jo’s work embodies an engaged simplicity. Her use of stencil-like style gets straight to the point, and even when she paints a wide open mouth on the wall (“We have always lived in a castle”) the visual may say “scream”, but an eery silence echo’s and falls to the floor to reveal shards of reality.

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