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PLACEText: Rei Inamoto

When people think of New York, they think of Manhattan. But New York doesn’t really end there. Events and shows are starting to happen elsewhere outside of Manhattan, often in a more unconventional setting at a more economical rate. Manhattan isn’t the only place to find good happenings anymore.

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MoMA P.S.1 is just 10 minutes outside of Manhattan, located in Long Island City of Queens. It used to be a public school building (hence the name “P.S.” ) that has been converted to an enormous gallery space. Anything from pencil drawings to custom-made installations, P.S.1 houses a wide variety of contemporary art works. There are some works by such masters as Donald Judd and Richard Serra, but mostly, if you are looking for good, unknown artists, P.S.1 is a perfect place to discover truly inspiring work. And sometimes, you’ll even find inspiration in its bathrooms.

On top of its strong paintings and other works alike on display, what makes P.S.1 a unique and worthwhile experience is the installations. One piece by Claude Leveque, displayed throughout one of the staircases, uses red lights and mirrors, creating a rather spiritual space. Another installation work by Roger Wogan is even more unusual in that it requires the viewer to enter a pitch-dark tunnel first. At the end of the tunnel is a slanted triangular room with a projection on one end. It takes a little while for the viewer’s eyes to get used to this unlit environment. It is rare that you find pieces that completely distort your senses like this one does.

In addition to these art works, since June 23, P.S.1 has been holding a summer music festival called “Warm Up 2: Live and Electronics.” An outdoor DJ booth and dance pavilion designed by Philip Johnson serves as the main stage for this event every Saturday. Followed by the success of their first year, this year, its line-up includes local New York bands and numerous others from London, Paris, and such.

“Warm Up 2: Live and Electronics” is an excellent way to spend your Saturday afternoon. Only 10 minutes outside of Manhattan and $5 in your hand, you can immerse yourself in great art and music. Moreover, it’s another way to escape tourists-packed Manhattan without sacrificing the fun of New York City. New York isn’t just Manhattan. There’s more to it, and sometimes, it’s better outside.

MoMA P.S.1
Open: 12:00 – 18:00 (Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday)
Address: 22-25 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101
Tel: +1 718 784 2084

Text: Rei Inamoto

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