HAPPENINGText: Yoshitaka Futakawa

Have you ever gone away for a big waterfall? The sound of splashing water out of nowhere when you start getting out of breath. Then a magnificent waterfall flashes out in your sight… Here is a good news for everybody who is not good at hiking much but interested in a big waterfall(s). (Not only 1 but 4!)

NYC Waterfalls
Brooklyn Pier

I had no chance to see his work at Mori museum in May, Tokyo. Moreover, I wasn’t able to be one of two million people that visited “The Weather Project” at Tate Modern during its 5 months exhibit in 2003. Olafur Eliasson is the artist who led his large audience to the visionary world with 200 light bulbs, mirror, and mist at that site.

NYC Waterfalls
The Brooklyn anchorage of Brooklyn Bridge

Did you already take a look at images in this article? Four waterfalls in just 3 square kilometers in downtown New York City. These manmade waterfalls that let water run down from 40 meters high frameworks stand out on the waterfront. Please let yourself go peacefully to your heart’s content on the waterside as you come up with a question like what is the art? or what is the difference between these and the fountain in the park? It is always cool and breezy on the waterfront in summer.

NYC Waterfalls
Pier 35

Ain’t the only one thinking Art and Science closely parallel one another? To the full extent of intelligence and technology, both have a process undergoing analysis and reconstruction of the nature world. This Copenhagen-born Icelander seems to be one of the artist that have people recognize its gray bound area. Simply taking control of light, water, wind, and temperature as his tools, he leaves audience spellbounded. With the presence of the time that quite sometimes being forgotten even its essential role of the nature.

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