PLACEText: Anthony Augendre

Graphic Art, Sado Masochist, Snoopy, American Satanism, Freak Designers, Japanese Bondage, Pop art, Extreme Performances, everything you may like or dislike is available at “Un regard Moderne” a tiny bookseller situated near Saint Michel boulevard.

© Un Regard Moderne

The first time you come into the shop you feel scared by the silence and the huge piles of book that create kind of temple columns. Then you quickly learn how to find the different thematic piles: A pile of books stands for Erotic fetishist photographies, another one for eccentric cartoons (Pierre Lapolice, Stéphane Blanquet), experimental movies, beatnik literature. If you’re lucky enough you’ll discover original William Burroughs recordings declaiming his “cut up poems”.

“Un Regard Moderne” owns a modest gallery and organize previews and exihibitions to support the launch of limited edition books. Pierre Molinier and Gilles Berquet two famous erotic french photographers has elected this amazing bookseller whenever they need to present their new creations. Be aware of the price because most of the books sold there are unique and cost sometimes a lot.

Un Regard Moderne
Address: 10 rue Gît le Coeur, 75006 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 4329 1393

Text: Anthony Augendre

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