THINGSText: Chibashi

You must be in the situation accessing to internet now. And you may have your mail account and communicate with many people by e-mail.

Moreover, you may have your homepage and send information to invisible people, or join in BBS or Chat and enjoy conversation with people who you’ve not meet directly.
Is the fact as ‘invisible’ insipid for communication? The answer is no, I think. In proof of that, the population who accesses to internet is increasing. Because many people consider that they can obtain an important thing from the communication in net.

In the near future, the network without images, sounds and words may appear. It’ll not take so much time for us to shift our mind onto next dimension. Tools for communication are simply the things that possibility of communication people has potently is materialied.

serial expeiments lain is an animation TV programme broadcast from TV Tokyo and AT-X. Despite the fact that the TV programme is not fully exposed to the public eye as the TV stations only have the regional network, words on lain spread in a moment thoughtout the Internet. In October Playstation is going to add it to the software titles, and AX magazine continues to feature the series of lain.
What’s really striking is not that the media coverage but a new type of reality it shows to the audience.

The important thing is this work named “serial experimants” is beyond our understandings in usual our sense of values. We acquire each reality through this “experiments”.

Text: Chibashi
Translation: Yasumichi Takase

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