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Crow & Trash by Wabisabi

Crow & Trash by Wabisabi
A card game created from the battle between trash and crows spreading garbages that have been a national or worldwide social problem. Price: ¥1,570

SNOW DRONE by Junichi Oguro

SNOW DRONE by Junichi Oguro
Drone sound album that extends daily time axis by combining an ambient sound with a snow sound as a theme and a vast sound-scape generated from the earth in Hokkaido. Price: $6.99

NISEKO ART PROJECT Niseko, Hokkaido is known as a world-famous ski resort with a number of tourists from Japan and overseas in the winter. Located at the foot of Niseko Annupuri, Hirafu benefits widely from this influx of tourists, a great contributor to Hirafu’s unique development as a place of refined and integrated cultural diversity. As an opportunity to introduce artists worldwide by setting its window in Niseko, NISEKO ART PROJECT will introduce artists and their works widely. ART IN J-SEKKA sekka-room.jpgAt Hirafu’s center stands J-SEKKA, a boutique hotel that has 9 individual guest suites designed and produced by SEKKA STYLE & Nakayama Architects.
Exhibiting artworks of 6 Hokkaido- based artists regularly, J-SEKKA newly opened the Shop & Gallery where visitors can purchase artists' products. [View details]

signs of light, Hiroshi Takeda, 2010 Sonic Line, Junichi Oguro, 2010 this place, Hiroshi Takeda, 2009 Do, Kiyoshi Takahashi, 2010 SNOWMAN, Kineta Kunimatsu, 2010 DoUP, Kiyoshi Takahashi, 2010 Love Guitars Series, Wabisabi, 2005 pink cart -mountain-, Hiroshi Takeda, 2010 Beam Saber Engine Paint, Kiyoshi Takahashi, 2010 Flesh and Blood, Wabisabi, 2006. URUSHI STOOL 'waiting people', Nozomi Watanabe, 2010 Artists: Hiroshi Takeda, Junichi Oguro, Kineta Kunimatsu, Kiyoshi Takahashi, Wabisabi, Nozomi Watanabe
Cordinate: SHIFT
Advisor: Hiromichi Fujiwara
ART IN NISEKO With a noteworthy cultural history in Niseko, there are many memorial art museums of artists who are associated with Hokkaido.
Arai Memorial Museum of Art
Arai Memorial
Museum of Art
Musée Kéou Nishimura
Kéou Nishimura
Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum
Arishima Takeo
Memorial Museum
Other recommended spots
Hiton Niseko Village
Hiton Niseko
The Barn
The Barn
NISEKO ARTIST IN RESIDENCE From summer 2011 (TBA), We are planning to offer an artist-in-residence program in the international city Niseko where has various rich environments in nature, accommodations, and open work space. VISIT NISEKO Access from Chitose Airport to Niseko is easy with options including bus, train, car. With a journey time of around 2.5 hours. Around 1 hour to Otaru from Niseko. Around 2 hours to Sapporo from Niseko.

Please contact us any inquiries about the project.

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