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WABISABI Photo exhibition “Dorone”

The alternative space TETOKA in Kanda will present the Photo exhibition “Dorone” by WABISABI of Dezain who is active artist unit based in Hokkaido. Also the small live music performance will be held at the opening party in April 19th.

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Z3 Zainichi Korean 3rd Generation of Art

© Yugyong Jong courtesy of the artist

eitoeiko is pleased to announce a group exhibition ‘Z3 (Zainichi Korean 3rd Generation of Art).’ Zainichi means ‘in Japan’, especially it often uses to point out Koreans live in Japan. The exhibition features 5 artists of the third generation of Zainichi Korean led by Jong YuGyong. What the artists those who belong to the special community called as ‘foreigners’ even they were born and brought up in Japan think about and indicate?

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Tastes of Curiosity – Museum of Curiosities

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa will present the program food creation + The University Museum, The University of Tokyo, Tastes of Curiosity – Museum of Curiosities from April 26th.

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Ai Weiwei Exhibition

© Ai Wei Wei courtesy of the artist and Lisson Gallery

Lisson Gallery will present the third solo exhibition by Ai Weiwei. He has created a monumental new installation of bicycles as part of an ongoing series, ‘Forever’, as well as a number of hand-carved, domestic-scale copies – in various materials including wood, stainless steel and crystal – of some highly personal objects. These include: a marble recreation of his father’s armchair; two sets of humble cosmetics bottles fashioned from jade; various handmade facsimiles of coat-hangers and pairs of handcuffs; as well as the window handles taken from Beijing taxis, which appear to be readymades, only remade in clear glass.

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Dennis Tan “Between the Spaces”

© Dennis Tan In Reflection, Soul 2011 Courtesy of the artist and The Substation

The Substation Gallery will present the exhibition “Between the Spaces” by Dennis Tan.

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