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DOTMOV FESTIVAL 2015 Call For Entry!

A digital film festival “DOTMOV 2015″. The deadline is June 20th, 2015!

Online magazine SHIFT presents DOTMOV Festival 2015 aiming to discover talented creators and provide them with an opportunity to show their works. Works submitted from all over the world will be screened throughout the world venues from September 2015 (screening schedule will be different depending on the venue). Last year‘s total submission was 225 works from 15 countries. The tour schedule will be announced on this page.

In addition to the general category, this year we are also calling for entries to the “SenSe V.A 04” MV category in collaboration with the fourth album of “SenSe V.A” series by Sapporo-based artists, which is to be released on March 1st 2015 by the label SenSe. SenSe is the Sapporo based label which introduces creatives such as music and art.


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Yuichiro Tamura solo exhibiton: “Ich fliege zurück mit Lufthansa.”

Yuichiro Tamura

Yuichiro Tamura “fig001; Long Exposure of the Lonely Explorer”

YUKA TSURUNO GALLERY will hold “Ich fliege zurück mit Lufthansa.“, a special solo exhibition of works by Yuichiro Tamura, from March 28th to April 4th. Having been granted by Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2013 and Pola Art Foundation in 2014, he was based in London and Berlin, participating in Institut für Raumexperimente of Olafur Eliasson.

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Social Musician Festival in the Spring of 2015


The new event “Social Musician Festival in the Spring of 2015” will be held on April 19th, it’s a “Presentation + Live Performance” style which aims to think about society, at the same time to enjoy the music. Musicians perform “Presentation” about their own social contribution activities such as feelings, aspirations and visions for the society, and play “Live Performance of Social Song” based it as theme, each 5 minutes.

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Souther Salazar: “Attic Transmissions”

Souther Salazar

NARWHAL CONTEMPORARY will hold Souther Salazar’s solo exhibition “Attic Transmissions“, from March 28th. He was born in 1978 in Hayward, California and is currently based in Portland, Oregon.

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Takemura Institude in Sapporo


On April 2nd, “Takemura Institute” will be held in Sapporo, which has carried out 9 times in Tokyo, as welcomed Mr. Takemura Jukucho; prime minister. It’s the interchanging place to be open to gather people to try to create the future, lead, discuss and share each other’s knowledge and wisdom.

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Young Art Taipei 2015“, Taipei Contemporary Hotel Art Fair, will be held at Sheraton Grande Taipei from April 25th and 26th. Young Art Taipei is the only international hotel art fair which focus on promoting the new and emerging artists whose age are under 45, and this feature has made us become a distinct contemporary art fair in Asia. Also this year, 94 premier contemporary galleries from 10 countries such as Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Australia, the Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, China and Europe.

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