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Esperanto, magazine made to bring together leading intellectuals and creators to communicate the world’s contemporary culture of the 21st century, will be published quarterly on December 15. The concept of the magazine is “Culture Magazine for Whole Earth Citizens”.


The editor-in-chief is Masanobu Sugatsuke, Japanese editor and CEO of the art book publisher collective United Vagabonds and Gutenberg Orchestra, which has also produced collections of works by Teppei Takeda and Mari Katayama. The editorial advisor is Hans Ulrich Obrist, one of the world’s best curators. The editorial staff consists of members from the multinational team of Gutenberg Orchestra (alongside one member from kontakt), bringing together editors from five countries: Hong Kong, France, Russia, Latvia and Japan. Design is by Experimental Jetset in Amsterdam.

The special feature, “Whole Earth Government,” will include long interviews with French economic theorist Jacques Attali, Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tang, and the founding executive editor of WIRED magazine Kevin Kelly and director of the Terraforming think tank at Strelka Institute in Moscow, Benjamin Bratton.

In addition to Hans Ulrich Obrist, the nearly 70 contributors include musician Ryuichi Sakamoto, Japanese economic thinker Kohei Saito, former Tate Modern director Simon Baker, Moscow artist and activist and Pussy Riot leader Nadya Tolokonnikova, and British social anthropologist Tim Ingold from the UK, and other leading intellectuals and creators from around the world.

Specifications: 270 × 180 mm, 88 pages (excluding the cover), All pages are printed using 4C
Prices: JPY 1,500 + tax, EUR 15, USD 18 (TBC)
Published by Esperanto Media

Text: Editor

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